Update to “someone to watch over me”

I had feedback at my Open Studio at the weekend that the Guardian Angel in my painting “Someone to watch over me” looked threatening. So today I decided to soften it and make it more of a ghostly presence as it was meant to be comforting! I had some interesting conversations about this subject with the general feeling that robins have this quality of appearing to try and communicate. Who’s to say it isn’t a possibility?

Acrylic on canvas. 52 x 52cm

Update to “someone to watch over me”

About angela brittain

Each work I create has a search for “rightness” – an attempt to solve complex and often self-imposed compositional problems. They often have a tension below the surface. I work mainly in oil or acrylics on board. People fascinate me but I’m not sure that I made a conscious decision to make people central to my work or if this subject chose me. I have a Diploma in Art and Design and worked for several years as a graphic designer and illustrator before finally returning to my first love of drawing & painting in 2008. I have taught art to children and adults and currently offer one-to-one workshops from my home studio in West Sussex. I am a Member of the Society of Women Artists (SWA) and exhibit in London and the South.

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