I am an artist who is fascinated by the challenge of depicting unspoken communication. Between people; people and animals; people and nature.

Close-up of Angela at work

In “Feeling the Rhythm”, the flow of movement between the two women in a boat becomes a pattern as they work together wordlessly in their joint endeavour. In “Grace, beauty, fire” the woman tenderly nuzzles the horse’s nose with all three forming a circle of silent bonding. So much eloquence is transmitted silently and we rejoice in the power, joy and comfort of it.

Feeling the rhythm LRGrace beauty fire LR


My style is graphic with strong design features and a love of bright colour and melodious harmonies with the occasional rogue colour opposite for emphasis. The process of creating a new work begins with the idea and then the long journey begins of research & lots of drawings often on tracing paper that can be repositioned.

Once the final drawing and colours are established and the painting begins, thin washes are applied, progressing to thicker paint, textures and colour blends using glazes. Currently I am working mainly in acrylics on board but use oil paint when more subtle blending is required.

In the beginning, my reason for going to art school was simply because I liked the idea that I could could earn money doing something I loved. My father encouraged me, probably because he would have liked to pursue more art himself and he saw the same spark in his daughter. He was a very creative person and classical musician who expressed this side of himself in his leisure time but for various reasons followed a more lucrative city career path.

Having spent a number of years as a graphic designer and illustrator in London, I now concentrate on my paintings in a lovely log cabin studio at my West Sussex home. Working every day – either planning work, or drawing and painting in oils, acrylics, watercolours or pastels. I also teach on a one-to-one basis.

I am an elected Member of the Society of Women Artists and the United Society of Artists.and I exhibit in galleries in London and the south.

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