My process is intuitive by nature but I approach a canvas with a direct idea of the composition, palette and artistic fundamentals. This comes from a place of emotion where a feeling is expressed in terms of harmony and discord.

As I apply the colours that best express those feelings, the form of the work begins to emerge. Figures come to life, places are created, and a painting takes shape. My work has evolved through a long process – from a traditional training in graphic design, eventually emerging as the work we see today.

My technical style is Abstract Expressionism. The two strongest influences are movement and colour. The movements of a female or male figure along with their body language are the influences on my work. The world is beautiful and full of colour, and I see colour as a language.

 “I try to be myself. When I am myself, it never looks like any other person’s work. I try to work from my knowledge and my point of view”.

People will always find elements that they can relate to in my work and every day they can find something new in the painting. The paintings are a story that I am telling but a story that lets you fill in the blanks. Everyone will see something different and that is okay. There is no right or wrong, just each individual’s interpretation.

My favourite painting is always the most recent one I’ve completed. It is the closest to my heart at that moment. They may not all be masterpieces, but the love is there all the same in that moment in time.

I paint full-time in my studios in West Sussex and Abruzzo, Italy.  I also teach on a one-to-one basis and run occasional painting weeks in Italy.

I am an elected Member of the Society of Women Artists and the Association of Sussex Artists and I exhibit in London and the south and The Mineral Point Gallery, Wisconsin USA

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