I am an artist who is fascinated by the challenge of depicting unspoken communication. Between people; people and animals; people and nature.

My paintings are an organic process. I am always striving to be more true to the thoughts and processes that I go through when I produce a new painting. There are themes and styles that keep appearing but I want to feel free to add, change or just evolve as my confidence grows.


My style is graphic with strong design features and a love of colour and melodious harmonies with the occasional rogue colour opposite for emphasis. The process of creating a new work begins with the idea and then the long journey begins of research & lots of drawings often on tracing paper that can be repositioned.

Currently I am working in oils on board but I also use acrylics on canvas, particularly if I am working in layers. As someone who tends to over-egg the pudding, my current aim is to make shape and negative space work harder and keep it simple. 

My background is as a graphic designer and illustrator working in London but now I concentrate on my paintings full-time in my studios in West Sussex and Abruzzo, Italy.  I also teach on a one-to-one basis and run occasional painting weeks in Italy.

I am an elected Member of the Society of Women Artists and the Association of Sussex Artists and I exhibit in galleries in London and the south.

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