Solo exhibition

This morning we hung 21 of my paintings at the Capitol Theatre in Horsham. The art gallery is on the first floor and an excellent light and airy displaying space. The paintings will be displayed from 17th October until 20th November. Whilst this is on, I will also be displaying original paintings, prints and cards at the ART […]

Angela Brittain. In the Piazza

In the piazza

This painting called “In the Piazza” is currently being displayed at the Society of Women Artists Annual Exhibition at the Mall Gallery in London. Cards and prints of this painting are available by contacting  me.

drawing of Largo del Fosse

A special birthday present idea for the painter in your life

I am gathering a group of eight people together who love to draw and paint to join me in an unspoilt part of Italy for a painting holiday next Spring. As well as improving the work produced, we will have nice food, comfortable accommodation and fun. This is a new venture for me and so […]

The three of us LR

The three of us

The inspiration for this painting was the good times that women can have on a girl’s night out. The method of paint used with vertical and geometric lines is to emphasise the non verbal understanding between them. Acrylic on wood panel   38 x 49cm

The artist LR

About me

Hi, my name is Angela and I love to paint contemporary narrative art of people and nature.

Edwardian picnic LR

Share my workshop tips

Had a lovely one-day workshop with Haidee-Jo Summers at the Mall Gallery yesterday. It was about creating figures in a lose way and not over-finishing. This is something I struggle with so it was such an enjoyable day. We were asked to paint a scene from an upside- down photograph. This was very liberating as […]

Feeling at one with nature

These three paintings – left to right ‘Lark song”, It felt good up there”, “Interesting creatures” are exploring the reality that animals and birds are eloquent with words they cannot say.  

My inspiration

“As only 7% of communication takes place through the use of words, the other 93% is floating out there, ready to be painted”.

A good night in LR

A good night in

These two women are linked by shared confidences, laughter and comfortable exchanges. Acrylic on wood panel  39 x 30cm

Once around the red island LR

Once around the island

In my painting the swimmers are like porpoises. Smooth, sleek and at one with the water. How I envy people who can swim like this. Oil on canvas  54 x 73cm

Powdermill Woods LR

Powdermills woods

After a visit to Powdermills Woods near Battle, I wanted to paint what I had seen, enhancing the many colours of the undergrowth and wild flowers in a fractured way to give an indication of the dynamic nature of the way things grew. Acrylic on canvas  50 x 68cm