Update to “someone to watch over me”

I had feedback at my Open Studio at the weekend that the Guardian Angel in my painting “Someone to watch over me” looked threatening. So today I decided to soften it and make it more of a ghostly presence as it was meant to be comforting! I had some interesting conversations about this subject with […]

The Party

As May and June seem to be children’s party season I felt inspired to have some fun with this painting. Acrylic on a wood panel. 52 x 52cm

Work, Love, Rest

“Work, Love, Rest” has been accepted for the Society of Women Artist 161st Annual Exhibition 7th Sept. at the Mall Gallery in London. This painting is the last in my new series for 2022. I starting to think about the many repetitive jobs women do every week – the same T Shirt going through the […]

Someone to watch over me

I’ve struggled lately to get lift-off with my painting but here is a new one that I really enjoyed doing. The theme is the idea of having a guardian angel and whilst I was working I was playing some jazz piano and one of the tracks was “Someone to watch over me” sung by the […]

Mineral Point Gallery opening soon

The Mineral Point Gallery in Wisconsin USA is opening in August. Four of my paintings have gone there and I wish Ben Brummerhop and his partner Clay all the very best for their exciting new venture. Not having ever been there, it looks a lovely place to visit and is becoming a centre for art […]

Remembering when we used to party

I came across a little quote “Party while you can because no one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep”. This made me think about this last year when our lives have been on hold and wondering how we will look back on this time. Will we forget […]

The Lavender gatherer

“The Lavender gatherer” is an acrylic painting on wood. 30 x 30cm. Her feathered friend is hitching a ride whilst she works in the field.

Work, Love, Cook

“Work, Love, Cook” is the third painting in my new series about women & plate spinning. I starting thinking about the millions of things we fit into a day. From routine everyday chores to bigger, enjoyable activities with friends and family. Life whizzes by and it’s friday again. Acrylic and collage on wood panel 40 […]

Work, love , Laundry

“Work, Love, Laundry” has been accepted in the Society of Women Artists 161st Annual Exhibition at the Mall Gallery in London starting on 7th Sept. This painting is the second painting in my series of plate spinning it celebrates women’s ability to multitask and keep weekly tasks rolling. We all know about the T Shirt […]

Work, Love, Exercise

This painting has been accepted for the Society of Women Artists 161st Annual Exhibition at the Mall Gallery in London starting on 7th Sept. This new painting is the first of my series about plate spinning. Women have so many calls on their time and try to do a job, have time for their family […]