Unconditional love

A new painting in oil on wood about unspoken communication between a dog and his owner. No words are necessary as they share warmth and love. 39 x 39cm


Pottery Ladies

Ah, the joy of getting in a real mess making a pot. I always wondered how some of my class used to stay looking so clean. This painting is a homage to those ladies who could preserve their nails and their composure and still turn out a lovely pot.

Lose & find yourself 2 LR

Lose and find yourself

Two women doing a simple task of picking and gathering apples. One is preoccupied with her thoughts whilst the other has used that simple task to find a solution to something that was bothering her.The sun shines on her new resolve. Acrylic on board  36 x 46cm

Always room for one more pair

A new painting for 2017. I think there’s a bit of Imelda in all of us. The perfect pair of shoes are sitting in the window and we just have to go and try them on. My painting is all about wanting rather than needing and those red shoes spoke to me. Oil on canvas […]

First Cycle of Spring  Acrylic on canvas. 30 x 42cm

Rome was great and the ArtExpo is now over

  A lovely trip to Rome to see the gallery that exhibited my “First cycle of Spring” painting. Took time to see the Sistine Chapel which has always been too crowded when I visited before. Amazing pictures by Graham Sutherland and relief work by Angelo Biancini (1911-1988).  

Two more new paintings just drying

I have been busily painting new pictures for 2017. Two are here – “He knows but doesn’t say” and “They always came back” The other two are still drying as I’m working in oils at the moment. They will be here on the website next week.


They always came back

Christmas often makes me think about older people who may be on their own and this painting was about the pleasure the pigeons bring to this lady in her London flat. To some they’re a pest but to her they are family.


Five poses

  A series of quick sketches completed this week of a woman as she moved around the studio. Fortunately, it was really warm in there as we arrived in coats and scarves!