Painting holiday in Italy 2019

Although it is hotter than the desert in Egypt in the UK, Italy in August has not reached our dizzy heights.

Still, time for my thoughts to gather about my painting holiday in Italy next year. The format will be the same with the inclusion of some new locations for drawing and painting that I looked at this year. Also, we are looking at a new place to dine in the evenings and of course, some great local cooks.

The aim is to have a mixed group of people who love drawing and painting but are not necessarily experienced. The one key ingredient is an open mind and the willingness to have a go. My mission (which I willingly accept!) is to bring out the best in each and every one of you whilst having a lovely self-indulgent week in Italy. No stress, no nasty surprises.

If you would like more details about the 2019 holiday, please fill in the contact form or go to