Painting holiday in Italy 2019

Angelika and I have some exciting new locations planned for next year’s painting week. Beautiful green sulphur lakes, Trabocchi restaurants out in the sea on stilts and many more.

Also, we are looking at a new place to dine in the evenings and of course, some great local cooking.

The aim is to have a mixed group of people (max. 8), who love drawing and painting but are not necessarily experienced. The one key ingredient is an open mind and the willingness to have a go. My mission (which I willingly accept!) is to bring out the best in each and every one of you whilst having a lovely self-indulgent week in Italy. No stress, no nasty surprises. If you come on your own we promise you will not be lonely!

We are keeping the date flexible at the moment but it is likely to be end of May/beginning of June. There are direct flights (Ryanair) from Stanstead to Peascara or, if you feel as I do about Ryanair – a flight from Gatwick to Rome and a coach direct from Fiumicino airport to Pescara. All methods of getting there will be met at Pescara for the 15 min. car journey up the hills to Spoltore. Where possible, we will buddy you up, so you have company on the journey.

If you would like more details about the 2019 holiday, please fill in the contact form or go to