Rome was great and the ArtExpo is now over

  A lovely trip to Rome to see the gallery that exhibited my “First cycle of Spring” painting. Took time to see the Sistine Chapel which has always been too crowded when I visited before. Amazing pictures by Graham Sutherland and relief work by Angelo Biancini (1911-1988).  

The judges saw a serene performance

Whilst the synchronized team are all smiles on the surface, as they slide under the water, out of the sight of the judges, a swimmer takes her revenge on a team member for a poor move Acrylic on canvas 30 x 30cm

The Race

The riders raced through the Yorkshire area of Buttertubs and I started to think about the impact on the small villages up there when this famous cycle race came through the villages. After doing many drawings of the cyclists and the Yorkshire hills I settled for this village composition. Oil on canvas 41 x 52cm

Going for Gold

This painting was for the Olympic road race that went passed Hampton Court. I saw the riders as not only forming a coloured pattern as they whizzed by but also a group with strong dynamics flowing between them

Once around the island

In my painting the swimmers are like porpoises. Smooth, sleek and at one with the water. How I envy people who can swim like this. Oil on canvas  54 x 73cm

Winners and Losers

We all know them. They are there to WIN. Others are there for the fun. This painting is all about the different motivations we have when we do things.