The Lavender gatherer

“The Lavender gatherer” is an acrylic painting on wood. 30 x 30cm. Her feathered friend is hitching a ride whilst she works in the field.

Work, Love, Cook

“Work, Love, Cook” is the third painting in my new series about women & plate spinning. I starting thinking about the millions of things we fit into a day. From routine everyday chores to bigger, enjoyable activities with friends and family. Life whizzes by and it’s friday again. Acrylic and collage on wood panel 40 […]

Work, love , Laundry

The second painting in my series of plate spinning. Called “Work, Love, Laundry” celebrates women’s ability to multitask and keep weekly tasks rolling. We all know about the T Shirt that appears yet again when we think we’ve only just washed it! Life is made up of small things with hopefully some bigger occasions to […]

Work, Love, Exercise

This new painting is the first of my series about plate spinning. Women have so many calls on their time and try to do a job, have time for their family and squeeze in a little time for themselves. Acrylic and collage on board. 40 x 50cm

Unusual home for my painting

My painting entitled “Time for Tea” has been purchased by a Cruise Ship company in the Netherlands to hang in the state room of the ship. This is a first for me and probably the painting will travel further than I will this year!

Lovely to have great feedback

Having just sold my painting “Temptation” online, it was lovely to have such great feedback from my buyer. Ah, we are such sensitive souls! Customer’s comments: “Beautiful painting that will be cherished for years to come. The Seller was brilliant – communicative, quick to respond and prompt with delivery. 10/10 Many thanks”

Time for Tea

A new painting, this time in watercolour. The panacea for all bad news in the UK is a cup of tea. This year we’ve enjoyed some lovely cream teas and it’s one of life’s small pleasures. In my painting, the girl on the left is being comforted having received some unwanted news but the teapot […]