New home in Norfolk for 3 paintings

3 new paintings were successfully delivered to a lovely home in Norfolk over the weekend. “The Giddy music of the Waltz” looked particularly at home in it’s new place on the chimney breast. The other two, “The Smell of Summer” and “A good day after all” were looking for a smaller, lower space.

A new venture

This is my first relief painting. Working in layers of wood, plaster & acrylic paint I designed a multimedia painting about Bacchus, the Roman God of the grape harvest, fertility, theatre and religious ecstasy. I wanted to depict his world from the viewpoint of the women who were part of it. According to my research, […]

Abruzzo Beach

Now that the weather is making us think of holidays and beaches, I thought I would put this painting on my website. Inspired by a very busy scene last year on the public beach near Montisilvano, Italy, I was fascinated by how much interaction – mostly non-verbal, was happening around me.  Acrylic 53.5 x 53.5 cm

Brushing up on my italian

As we are going to be joined on the italian painting holiday by some local day students I am brushing up on painting terms in italian to describe things like “see the horizon”, “try to see..” Hopefully our mixed cultures will enhance everyone’s experience! All the materials are either out there or packed in a […]

Always room for one more pair

A new painting for 2017. I think there’s a bit of Imelda in all of us. The perfect pair of shoes are sitting in the window and we just have to go and try them on. My painting is all about wanting rather than needing and those red shoes spoke to me. Oil on canvas […]

Five poses

  A series of quick sketches completed this week of a woman as she moved around the studio. Fortunately, it was really warm in there as we arrived in coats and scarves!

Feeling the Rhythm

The two women are in perfect harmony. Without words they communicate and blend into the rhythm of their paddling. Acrylic on wood 40 x 30cm


Currently this painting is being shown on screen at the Artbox. Project Miami 1.0 as part of the Miami Art Weeks in December 2016. Acrylic on canvas 58 x 58cm

The Fish Market

On a trip to Venice I saw this woman through the doorway of the fish market. It was a hive of activity in the heat although inside it was kept cool by large containers of ice. As I watched, she set to work with great gusto to dismember a lobster and I just had to commit […]

Gardeners at Hampton Court

I was given amazing access to parts of the Hampton Court Palace gardens that few people get to see. It was February and very cold so few tourists were about. As I sat there drawing with my feet in a plastic bag to stop the cold seeping in, a Japanese tourist came by and took […]