Lark Song

Her cat is feigning indifference but she feels drawn to the song of the lark that surrounds her. Acrylic on wood  30 x 30cm SOLD

Interesting creatures

Her oneness with her dogs and their interlocking shapes as they rest together was inspired by the sense one has of the understanding of mood that many animals have, particularly dogs. Acrylic on wood  30 x 30cm SOLD

It felt good up there

She is sitting in a tree, surrounded by nature, occasionally reading or watching the birds. This sense of peace and feeling at one with nature was something I wanted to capture in the painting Acrylic on wood  30 x 30cm SOLD

Powdermills woods

After a visit to Powdermills Woods near Battle, I wanted to paint what I had seen, enhancing the many colours of the undergrowth and wild flowers in a fractured way to give an indication of the dynamic nature of the way things grew. Acrylic on canvas  50 x 68cm

Keeping chickens

The large cockerel is naughty and frisky. His eager eye is viewing all those pullets with lip smacking promise. Acrylic on wood  30 x 30cm

Grace beauty fire

The silent bond between people and horses. Their awesome power and her tenderness captured in a small gesture. Acrylic on wood panel  30 x 30cm

They stayed until sundown

A picnic at Ditchling Beacon was the inspiration for this painting. I started to think about all the people who were there during that lazy summer day and how many animals were in the shadows, waiting for their turn to claim that very spot. Watercolour crayons & gouache  39 x 45cm

Best thinking time

I have some of my best ideas when I’m doing routine tasks. This woman clipping the hedges is in the moment, absorbed in her task. SOLD