Catch of the Day

Acrylic on canvas. 59.5 x 42 cm. The narrative of this painting is the contest between small, happy fish versus strong men and sophisticated equipment.

Lose and find yourself

Two women doing a simple task of picking and gathering apples. One is preoccupied with her thoughts whilst the other has used that simple task to find a solution to something that was bothering her.The sun shines on her new resolve. Acrylic on board  36 x 46cm SOLD

They always came back

Christmas often makes me think about older people who may be on their own and this painting was about the pleasure the pigeons bring to this lady in her London flat. To some they’re a pest but to her they are family.

Crimson Lily

I was influenced by the artists of the 20’s in this linocut. Simple lines and clear shapes Linocut 23 x 17.5cm

Dreaming of the sea

One of my few lino prints. I wanted a simple image that conveyed the relationship between the girl, the shells and the pattern of the water. Linoprint 18.5 x 23.5cm

I can’t sleep

This painting is all about those annoying sheep who refuse to be counted. There they are –  leaping out of the pen, eating cake and generally being very annoying. Watercolour 48 x 38cm SOLD

Faces in the sun – hands in the dirt

This painting was inspired by that lovely feeling when you go into the garden at the first showing of sunshine after the winter. As you work in the garden it uncurls the tension to feel the sun warm on your face even as your hands touch the cool earth. Acrylic on board. 30 x 30cm SOLD

Lark Song

Her cat is feigning indifference but she feels drawn to the song of the lark that surrounds her. Acrylic on wood  30 x 30cm SOLD

Interesting creatures

Her oneness with her dogs and their interlocking shapes as they rest together was inspired by the sense one has of the understanding of mood that many animals have, particularly dogs. Acrylic on wood  30 x 30cm SOLD

It felt good up there

She is sitting in a tree, surrounded by nature, occasionally reading or watching the birds. This sense of peace and feeling at one with nature was something I wanted to capture in the painting Acrylic on wood  30 x 30cm SOLD