Pottery Ladies

Ah, the joy of getting in a real mess making a pot. I always wondered how some of my class used to stay looking so clean. This painting is a homage to those ladies who could preserve their nails and their composure and still turn out a lovely pot. SOLD

He knows but doesn’t say

He knows her secret but the two of them are bound together in a joint bond. He leans against her, defying the world to prise it out of him. SOLD

Unconditional love

A new painting in oil on wood about unspoken communication between a dog and his owner. No words are necessary as they share warmth and love. 39 x 39cm SOLD

A good night in

These two women are linked by shared confidences, laughter and comfortable exchanges. Acrylic on wood panel  39 x 30cm SOLD

Coffee break

This group of women is enjoying a coffee at an outdoor café and their body language gives a few clues as to the kind of conversations that are going on. The light, chatty exchange of news – the show off with her quieter companion – the two lovers unnoticed in the background. Acrylic on wood panel […]

Paddling and Dreaming

This is a modern take on the legend of Leda and the Swan. As they quietly paddle down the stream, they are oblivious to the danger the swan presents. The small figure in the background tries in vain to alert them. Oil on board 49 x 36cm SOLD

Family Tree

We hold tight to our families but sometimes a wind blows through and threatens to blow us apart. This painting is about the completeness of the family unit for those lucky enough to have one. Oil on canvas 50 x 70cm

If you were born without wings

In this painting she is being helped by an angel. It was inspired by a quotation by Coco Chanel “If you were born without wings, do nothing to stop them growing”. I loved these words of wisdom and often think about them swhen something seems too difficult. Watercolour  51 x 42cm

In the piazza

This painting called “In the Piazza” is currently being displayed at the Society of Women Artists Annual Exhibition at the Mall Gallery in London. Cards and prints of this painting are available by contacting  me. SOLD

Coffee Pickers

Following a trip to Colombia, I was struck by the different influences on the faces of the people. The indigenous settlers, those of Spanish descent and the more western influences from America. This painting is about the harmony that exists between the groups doing a shared, happy task. Acrylic on canvas   34 x 44cm […]