The Party

As May and June seem to be children’s party season I felt inspired to have some fun with this painting. Acrylic on a wood panel. 52 x 52cm

Work, Love, Cook

“Work, Love, Cook” is the third painting in my new series about women & plate spinning. I starting thinking about the millions of things we fit into a day. From routine everyday chores to bigger, enjoyable activities with friends and family. Life whizzes by and it’s friday again. Acrylic and collage on wood panel 40 […]

Work, love , Laundry

“Work, Love, Laundry” has been accepted in the Society of Women Artists 161st Annual Exhibition at the Mall Gallery in London starting on 7th Sept. This painting is the second painting in my series of plate spinning it celebrates women’s ability to multitask and keep weekly tasks rolling. We all know about the T Shirt […]

A painting about memories

Holding the dream

This painting is about memories and what we associate with people when they are no longer with us.  SOLD

The Embrace

This oil painting is more abstract than some of my past paintings but very enjoyable to do. I decided that although it is only 30 x 30cm I would do it in oils to keep the vibrancy of the colours plus I love the smell of the paint. It was so hot today the paint […]

Shut your eyes and listen

I have called this painting “Shut your eyes and listen” as one of the noticeable things about this strange year has been the increase in bird song. Humans make so much noise and living near a main road, we have traffic, sirens, wheelie suitcases going to the station. The birds were living their parallel life […]

Before we forget our summer holidays….

Just in case it feels as if warmth and sunshine are in the distant past, I have finished this painting to celebrate and remind us how it feels to be warmed by the sun. I shall have this painting and others that I have completed this year on stand 47 at the Art Fair in […]


When I started to work out the composition for some new paintings this year, I was reminded of that very useful piece of advice when it comes to communication – KISS. (keep it simple, stupid). Having spent an enjoyable day at the London Art Fair, I was struck by how effective some of the simpler […]