Visual energy

As they dance in an empty galleria at night, the electricity running through their bodies is enough to scare the pigeons. Oil on paper 93 x76cm

The Waltz

How the little boy at the window would have loved to join in this dancing in the square. As they swirl and move, some are in the Italian dance to have fun and others to show of their dancing prowess. Oil on canvas 56 x 46cm SOLD

Be amazing

Painted on a very hot day in my studio in Italy, the subject for this painting came from a few sketches that I had done and the thought that being average on such a beautiful day and in a special place was not an option. Hence my ladies are amazing. 100 x 60cm Acrylic on canvas

Do it with style

The exaggerated movement and the swish of her hair create the shapes in this painting. These shapes carve arches of colour in the background. Acrylic on canvas  34 x 34cm SOLD  

You are the music

The explosion of colour as these two dance follows the dynamic nature of their movements and their commitment to the moment. SOLD Pastel  32 x 42cm